Teacher Ning introduces ‘Jian He Gong’

  Today I will introduce to you a method called Jian He Gong. What does it mean? ‘Gong’ means method. ‘Jian’ means all your organs Qi and all your meridians Qi flows correctly. For example the three foot Yang meridians – the Bladder meridians, the Gallbladder meridians and the Stomach meridians – are flowing in […]

Teacher Ning introduces ‘Transform the programmed nature’

  Another level of training is ‘the programmed nature’. This is about dealing with emotions. How to deal with relationships between people, for example, between family members. Or when you work in a company with people who are not easy going. Or when you are with people and you get emotional. The programmed nature is […]

Teacher Ning on Self Healing on different levels

Qigong is much more than just some relaxing body movements. Although that is a good way to start, Qigong in essence is a lifestyle that covers all layers of who you are. In order to be healthy and experience Well-Being all these layers should be addressed in one or another way. In January 2023 teacher […]