The benefits of fasting

At Qi Friends, we look wider than just Qigong. We each have our own preferences in that, but sometimes things come our way that excite us both. This was the case with fasting and intermittent fasting. Mathilde shared an interview with Dr Mindy Pelz and we each started fasting in our own way. We are […]

Optimal energy during (hot) summer time

Summer time has started and with the weather changing in many places all over the world, we experience different temperatures. Some love it and at the same time many experience it as ‘too hot’ and suffer from it. Teacher Ning shares  how to keep an optimal energy level during summer. What should we be aware […]

Teacher Ning introduces ‘Jian He Gong’

  Today I will introduce to you a method called Jian He Gong. What does it mean? ‘Gong’ means method. ‘Jian’ means all your organs Qi and all your meridians Qi flows correctly. For example the three foot Yang meridians – the Bladder meridians, the Gallbladder meridians and the Stomach meridians – are flowing in […]