Mathilde Roorda Zhineng Qigong Den HaagMathilde Roorda has been practicing Zhineng Qigong for many years. Once started as a pupil, she now teaches Zhineng Qigong and introduces other people to this special form of meditation in motion. In Zhineng Qigong she can combine her years of experience with Buddhism and her great interest in consciousness development.

“Zhineng Qigong has encouraged me to live more according to my deepest wishes and do what I really like to do. To explore my qualities and how I can use these to add meaning for myself and the world around me. I have experienced that positive thoughts and actions that are focused on my conscious intentions, have given my life course a positive turn.

In my classes I focus in particular on relaxation and loving attention for yourself, but also for the world around you. It is important to become aware of and to concentrate on what is really important to you. Practicing together is very helpful and creates a strong connection with each other. By focusing your attention, you can shape your desired reality.

A big wish is fulfilled in Qi Friends: organizing trainings to practice together in a strong Qi Field, under the guidance of experienced teachers.

My collaboration with Wabke is very easy: our intentions, interests and qualities connect seamlessly. ”

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Wabke Bouman Zhineng Qigong Den HaagWabke Bouman stumbled upon Zhineng Qigong a few years ago. This special form of meditation proved to fit perfectly with the experience and deepening in consciousness development to which she dedicated her life to since 2002.

“Zhineng Qigong gives a practical starting point for departure on the universal way of man to happiness, joy, health and inner peace. The theory sometimes seems unmanageable, but from my background in shamanism, meditation and consciousness development, I can quickly put this in a broader context and understand what is meant by it.

I am really happy with Qi Friends. It is a dream coming true. I believe in strengthening each other by practicing and laughing together, in sharing in the Qi Field and the field that stretches beyond words, to live our full potential, in full respect and love for the differences and the similarities between us. ”

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