Qi Friends Shop

From the beginning of Qi Friends we started to cooperate with some Chinese teachers. People who have dedicated their lives to Qigong practice for themselves and to share. Many of these teachings are online and you can still order the recordings.

Master Jianshe is a Qigong teacher whose focus is on the strengthening of consciousness. With only the basic exercises, he mainly teaches on how we make better use of the information field. Information is the most subtle form of Qi as well as the most penetrating.

Teacher Ning‘s main focus is on the improvement of the Qi flow in all inner organs with an emphasis on sound- and self-healing as well as other exercises. To strengthen and improve the organ Qi flow we not only do our Qigong practice, but also are aware of our attitude, or what teacher Ning calls our ‘conditioned nature’.

In this shop you can also find some nice physical products that can help you stay tuned to your Qigong mindset during the day. You can instruct the water you drink in the Hun Yuan Ling Tong Dopper drinking bottle, or stay tuned to your own main intention with the Fokuz pendant.