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Strengthen your Zhineng / Chineng Qigong practice with  a HYLT Dopper drinking bottle, or a nice HYLT Fokuz pendant. This is a simple way to reinforce your intentions and to recall them regularly.

We often say ‘Hun Yuan Ling Tong’ (HYLT) in Zhineng Qigong to strengthen a good intention. This statement is also used in healing for full clarity, recovery and energy. In short, all good in harmony with our true self and the universe.

You can also find beautiful kidney warmers of De Colores, made of 100% alpaca wool. They are nice to wear and support your kidneys Qi and the whole bone structure. Traditional Chinese Medicin (TCM)  recommends to keep your kidneys warm, especially in cold times.

Nice to give as a present!

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Hun Yuan Ling Tong dopper drinkflesHYLT Dopper drink bottle

With this Dopper drinking bottle you give your drinking water the intention of Hun Yuan Ling Tong.

The translation of this Chinese saying is: “the thought has already manifested itself”.

Hun Yuan refers to the Hunyuan Qi; the most pure form of qi.
Ling Tong means effective, achieving good results.
Ling also refers to your true self.

If you connect your true self with the Hunyuan Qi and you set an intention, the intention is already realized.

Price: 17.50 euros

Hun Yuan Ling Tong HYLT Fokuz intentie hangerHYLT Fokuz

The fokuz is a pendant in a handmade presentation box of about 6 x 9 cm and 3 cm deep, especially made for Zhineng Qigong practictioners. The pendant is made by hand in Tibet. In the pendant you keep a special intention – an objective, a definite plan – you are determined to stay focused on. The fokuz encourages you to focus optimally on opportunities and possibilities. It encourages you to always think positively, to focus your attention on what is right for you and to realize your intention.

The intention of Hun Yuan Ling Tong has been included in this special pendant. You can supplement this with your personal intention. Together this gives powerful direction to your intention.

The attractive design invites you to put the fokuz in sight or hang it on the wall, so that it always attracts your attention, so you can keep yourself on course.

The fokuz is inspired by Zhineng Qigong in which a lot of work is done with the power of intention. The repetition of ‘Hun Yuan Ling Tong’ indicates that the good results of your intentions have already been manifested. This refers to the principle that every powerful intention gives strong direction to your reality.

That is why fokuz ‘Special edition Zhineng Qigong’ has now been developed. This is made in a limited edition. Together with your intention your fokuz becomes a very special and personal object.

Price: 57 euros

nierwarmer De ColoresKidney Warmer

A kidney warmer keeps the kidneys warm and is also used to keep the back muscles warm and flexible, or with abdominal pain, menstrual pain and other organ problems. Wearing a kidney warmer also prevents drafts on the back.

In Chinese Medicine it is advisable in winter to keep the kidneys well warm.

In winter, the water element dominates in nature. That has an effect in your body. The kidneys and bladder are the physical representation of the water element and are in turn connected to the bones. By keeping your belly and kidneys well warm, you reduce the influence of the water element and you retain the Qi (life force).

The Colores kidney warmers are made of 100% wool (baby alpaca) and have an excellent quality.

These colorful kidney warmers are produced in small to medium sized companies in Peru. Here they often work in family structures and in the selection of these small businesses careful attention is paid to good working conditions and compliance with environmental regulations.

You can wear this kidney warmer under or over your clothes.

Price: 47 euros

Special price for the holiday season: 43 euros.