The benefits of fasting

At Qi Friends, we look wider than just Qigong. We each have our own preferences in that, but sometimes things come our way that excite us both. This was the case with fasting and intermittent fasting. Mathilde shared an interview with Dr Mindy Pelz and we each started fasting in our own way. We are not experts in this and cannot give advice on it, but would still like to share this with you.

The idea of intermittent fasting is that you regularly put in a period of fasting, a time when you don’t eat. This can be on a daily basis – for example, not eating for 16 hours and then eating two meals during the period of the other 8 hours of the day – but it can also be one day a week, or…there are various forms.

Let’s start with the interview that inspired us, then you can see for yourself:

Why did this appeal to us?

“What especially appeals to me is that you give the body a break. Not putting all kinds of new things in it for a while, but rather letting it work on its own.”

“I find the idea that the body repairs itself intriguing and inspiring. That if you fast a little longer, your cells will automatically start to get rid of the waste that may have been stored for years. And that it can do so much good for numerous complaints.”

In our experience, it does help to know a little bit on what benefits occur depending on how long you fast. This way, when the fast feels a bit uneasy, the mind can tell us that it is okay and the body is getting healthier and stronger. Dr Mindy Pelz has given a short and good overview in this blog >> 

Fasting and Qigong

Fasting and Qigong make an excellent combination and in recent years ‘qi-fasting retreats’ have been organized more and more often. The idea here is that when you manage your energy (Qi) well, that energy nourishes you. This makes fasting lighter and easier to sustain.

Someone who has gained a lot of experience with Qi Fasting in recent years is master Jianshe. He has been keeping us informed about this for a long time and after he had sent us some experiences of people, we became very enthusiastic.

We would like to invite you to the online Qi Fasting retreat with master Jianshe in the beginning of January 2024!
(By the way, you can also join without fasting.)

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