Teacher Ning on Self Healing on different levels


Qigong is much more than just some relaxing body movements. Although that is a good way to start, Qigong in essence is a lifestyle that covers all layers of who you are. In order to be healthy and experience Well-Being all these layers should be addressed in one or another way.

In January 2023 teacher Ning has given an introduction to Self Healing Qigong on three different levels:

  1. Jian He Gong, this is a very practical and easy-to-apply method to open up the meridians. With a soft massage, activating some pressure points and sending Qi, this has a positive effect on the organs and thereby the whole body.
  2. Self Healing Qigong through the programmed nature is a bit more difficult to address. It is about that negative emotion that you so easily are trapped into. This programmed nature is the key ingredient to our health and well-being.
  3. On the level of Self-Awareness we learn how we can switch from our state of thinking and doing to a state of being. When we ‘just are’, relaxing into this state of Being, healing already happens.