Teacher Ning introduces ‘Transform the programmed nature’



Another level of training is ‘the programmed nature’. This is about dealing with emotions. How to deal with relationships between people, for example, between family members. Or when you work in a company with people who are not easy going. Or when you are with people and you get emotional.

The programmed nature is about what is behind the emotion. We know that the emotion of anger or irritation can affect our organs, our physical body. But how can we handle our emotions? How can we deal with the people around us and do less damage. This is not so easy. I know a lot of people who got sick because of this.

For example a girl got a severe headache. Her headache is caused by the bad relationship with her father. She is against her father a lot: they have been fighting for years. They had a very bad relationship. In the Western world you think everybody is an independent individual, that you are alone. But actually there is still a Qi flow between family members. Because this girl is against her father a lot, she got this headache. Because her head is like the fighting with her father.

When the father or the mother does not take care of the children well, usually the father or mother gets problems in the legs. So there is a relation on another level. The programmed nature talks about the Qi flow between people, between family members, between the people around you.

What can you do to not get so emotional?

We have emotions since we were born. We have inherited these from our parents and through many generations. For example some people easily get angry or they easily resent others. They do not know why. It is because they inherited some character from the parents. If you check their parents, you can find the parents have that character.

But we want to be more free. We do not want to get sick. How can we improve ourselves?

First we have to know what is my programmed nature?

If I am a stubborn person it is not easy to be flexible. I have a Yin water character. The Yin water character  is like water not flowing. Water should be flowing. You can put water in any form, any container. You can put water into a cup. The container can be square or like a triangle or like a ball. You can put water in any form. But when I am stubborn it is as if I only fit one form. If I am stubborn, my kidneys Qi is not flowing well. Then it is easy to get a kidney problem. So I have to realise ‘Oh, I have this kind of nature and this is not so good for my kidneys. I have to change myself from Yin nature of water to Yang nature of water.’. Yang water is flowing freely, is always flexible  so the kidneys will be healthy.

You can check the people around you.  If someone has the personality of being stubborn, probably this person has no good function of the kidneys. Or someone who has kidney conditions, their personality can be stubborn. You can check the people around you and get the answer.

So when  I know my personality is stubborn then I can call the Yang nature of the kidneys. It suits any form and I turn it from the Yin side tot the Yang side. Then I will get free and my kidneys will be healthy.

This is what the programmed nature is about. If someone is being fond of resentment, it could lead to stomach problems. If we check ourselves, we can find that maybe you are fond of irritation or anger, or arguing easily, or stubborn, or resentment. It is difficult to find a person without any of these natures. Some people are more clear than others.

The programmed nature is the deeper causation of our health because it is the key behind our emotion.

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