Teacher Ning introduces ‘Jian He Gong’



Healthy Qi flow in the meridians

Today I will introduce to you a method called Jian He Gong.

What does it mean?

‘Gong’ means method.

‘Jian’ means all your organs Qi and all your meridians Qi flows correctly. For example the three foot Yang meridians – the Bladder meridians, the Gallbladder meridians and the Stomach meridians – are flowing in the correct direction. And the three Yin foot meridians flow correctly: starting from the feet across the inside of the legs, upwards to the chest. If they follow the correct direction, then we call this situation ‘Jian’. ‘Jian’ means healthy. Through practice massaging some points and work to the meridians, we force those meridians to flow correctly. To heal owerself. So this is ‘Jian’.

Natural exchange of internal and external Qi

‘He’ means when the Qi flows down and up through our physical body, internal Qi with external Qi are exchanging naturally. I think you learned about open and close in Zhineng Qigong . Jian He Gong emphasizes about open and close. During the practice the internal Qi of the meridian Qi flows down and up correctly . So then the internal Qi with the external Qi exchange naturally. You do not need to force it then. It happens naturally. This state we call ‘He’. ‘He’ means harmonized.

So internal Qi and external Qi are harmonized: this is the meaning of Jian He Gong.

Promotes healthy ageing

This is level one actually, because it focuses on something basic. It deals with some physical problems. Those problems are not so severe or are not caused by the mental, the Programmed Nature (mental/emotional programs) . Because we get older the physical body get some issues or some organs are not functioning well. Through practicing this method we can help ourself return to be healthy.

Easy to do Qigong

It is simple and easy to do because it massages some points and we use a Gua Sha board to work to the meridians. And also you do not need to concentrate so much. A lot of people are struggling while doing Qigong. Sometimes they lose their concentration. There is a battle between concentration and losing concentration. But while doing this method you do not need to be so concentrated. You just focus on where you are working with your hands. There is no specific imagination.

Jian He Gong includes almost all the organs. From the head to the neck, the lungs, the liver, the heart, the legs. It almost covers all of the physical body. After you learned the method, you can use the entire method or you can take a few parts of it and combine those together as a group to help yourself.

How to get rid of stomach problems

For example, if you have a stomach problem you can can work to Chungfu point, LU 1 (below the collarbone) they belong to lungs. Also you can work to Tanchung point, RN 17, (on your sternum) and you work on Chimen point, LR 14 (at the rib arche). So you combine several points and this helps you to get rid of stomach problems. This is how you can use it.

How to improve liver or gallbladder condition

Or for example, if you have a liver or gallbaldder condition. You can just take the part of Chimen point on the rib arche. If someone has liver or gallbladder condition Chimen point will react strongly: tingling, uncomfortable feeling, numbness or just something unusual. This is because this point is blocked. Then you work to Chimen point by massaging Chimen point to disperse the Qi stagnation. The meridians of the liver will open again and the problem solves.

How to get rid of swollen legs

Or for example, the part of using the Gua Sha board for the legs. If someone has a symptom like swollen legs. Some ladies have this condition. By using the Gua Sha board to work to the three Yin foot meridians – the Kidney meridians, the Liver meridians and the Pancreas meridians – we help this Qi flow normally. Then the water in the legs will go out through to your kidneys and urinal system. The swollen legs will be back to normal.

Release problems in the head & headache

I have put many structures in this Jian He Gong form. In the beginning we work on the head to release some energy from the head. That is because the head is the place for six Yang meridians. Three hands Yang meridians which go up from the fingers to the head, and the three foot Yang meridians which begin from the head and flow down to the feet. We release some energy from the head because sometimes the Yang energy is easy to get stuck there. We release the stuck energy and bring it down. To release some problem in the head, for example headache. So for example a person who has stomach problem: just work above your head and release some energy of that area and then pouring the energy downwards: then the stomach feels happy and relaxed again. The feeling of contraction is transformed to a feeling of relaxation of the stomach.

Practice it yourself

We can try this a little bit now (at 13.21 minutes of the video)

Place the hands above the head like this. Close your eyes. Hands are circling clockwise (over the right side backwards, over the left side forwards) The mind is circling inside of the head. The mind is circling in the brain. Then pulling the energy down passing through your face. Now you can feel your stomach. The stomach is happier now and more relaxed. So we pull down the Qi from the head to the stomach. Stomach meridian is flowing downwards in the correct way. Place hands on lower abdomen. Separate the hands and open the eyes.

So the head should be like the sky. When we have some Qi stagnation, the head is like a clouded day: the Qi got stuck in the brain. That can cause a lot of problems: headache or a severe problem like stroke or brain bleeding.

Fever usually is related to stomach, gallbladder and bladder Qi

Recently many Chinese people suffered from COVID/Omicron. I heard of a friends father who had COVID. After he already tested negative for COVID, he suddenly got a brain bleeding. What was causing that? That was because his father has got a very high fever, over 40 degrees. When people get fever it is usually related to the Stomach Qi or Gallbladder Qi or Bladder Qi. So the fever of his father was related to Stomach Qi . Although his father tested negative for COVID, it did not mean his father was recovered. That is why his father got a brain bleeding.

This example shows that Qigong treats people like an entirety. The Qigong way is not like Western Medicine because Western doctors only gives you a pill for the stomach itself. But Qigong sees the larger picture of the disease, to where it is related. That is the difference between TCM, Qigong and Western Medicine.

So we can use a Gua Sha board or you can use something like a wooden board to work to your legs. If you do not practice the entire Gua Sha method, you can only work to your Stomach and Pancreas meridians like this (at 21.55 minutes of the video)

You can scrape downwards along the Stomach meridian on the lower leg. Scraping this area means: I am working on my Stomach meridian. It helps the Stomach Qi flow downwards. The pancreas meridian is on the inside of the legs. Follow the correct direction: from the feet upwards. Like this. If you do not have a Gua Sha board you can just use your closed hand like a fist and use your fist to scrape the inside of your calf. It helps your pancreas Qi to flow upwards.

Chinese daily practice to stay healthy

So this is just a part of the whole Gua Sha method. It is simple but very useful. Some Chinese people they use this every day to keep themselves stay healthy. They do not do much else. They only to this every day. It works to the meridians. Earlier I showed you massaging the Chimen points on the rib arche, which is working to the acupuncture points of a meridian. Gua Sha works on the whole meridian of the organs. So we will work on the points of the meridians and we will work on the whole meridians of the organs, which also means we work on the organs themself.

This is about Jian He Gong. It is a basic practice which emphasizes on the Qi flow downwards and upwards. Because we focus on a good Qi flow downwards and upwards, the open and close of the body will follow automatically: internal Qi and external Qi will exchange naturally. This method will make your Qigong practice easier.


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