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Teacher Ning was born in inner Mongolia in China. He studied with Dr. Pang and graduated at the famous hospital of Huaxia Center. In 1997 he left with a few others after receiving blessings from Dr. Pang. He continued his practice and provided for healings to many. From master he was taught several and different methods. Teacher Ning connects to Teacher Jianshe in Hainan, where he is now living with his wife. Their daughter is now studying Traditional Chinese Medicine at a university in Beijing. For years now he travels to Western countries as well, such as United States of America, Serbia, Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland.

Methods: His teaching methods are taught in a gentle, humble fashion. From Pang Laoshi he adopts the Qi field series to build up the Qigong state. He always asks: what is Qigong for you? In this way his students are aware of the intention of practice. From a traditional point of view, the meridian system, channels, vessels, extraordinary meridians and the organs are one complete health system. Qi practice is considered the quintessence of TCM. Four basic elements are part of the methods teacher Ning teaches. One is sound, second is movement, three is awareness, and four is posture. Though there is not really negative or positive since all is illusory, the movements in circles are either releasing too much Qi by turning clockwise, or gathering Qi by circling in, counter clockwise.

Range: The basic knowledge of TCM teaches us that 5 organs (Spleen, Kidneys, Heart, Liver and Lungs) form the basis for health. Any disturbance within and between organs will be balanced again because organs will help and compensate for each other’s instability. From TCM we know that 5 elements, 5 emotions and 5 organs reflect life between heaven and earth. The intelligence and magnificence of this health system has been described over 3,000 years ago for the first time: Nei Jing, a book written by Qi Bo, an assignment from The Yellow Emperor, Huang Di. The book, when it was written is not entirely sure but still is the classic for TCM students nowadays. Qigong is the heart of many self help practice that arose in the heart of China. Over the last 50 years the revival of Qigong, and the opening of teachings to wider public has unveiled many ‘secrets’ of health in China.

Physical Body: Any good method of practice should be repeated many times, not hard to learn and accessible for many people regardless their state of health. Intuitively understood, the physical body’s 5 major joints, the 3 cavities and the limbs are representation of the universe. If we look at a table the top seems to be floating, like our head, the supportive structure, the legs of the table are constructed in such a way that there is a balance, making the entire structure strong. The same way we can think of the body our head is in blue sky, our body is our supporting structure. Clearness and physical balance are our health.

Stomach/Spleen Health: The core of Teacher Ning’s practices are stomach and spleen (in Chinese medicine: left liver or Pancreas). The nature of Spleen is dryness, and dampness the one of Stomach. When Spleen is damp, it affects the stomach and vice versa. When stomach is dry, it affects appetite. Therefor it is important to keep the Spleen dry, by releasing damp Qi. At the same time it is imperative to nourish stomach Qi. From these 2, all organs will connect better, such as the relationship between lungs and small intestine, or lungs and liver. Or between heart and kidneys. All emotions start with Stomach. When something is hard to digest the stomach is affected almost instantly. See here the inseparable relationship between emotions and organ health.

Strengthening Kidney Qi and Legs: A special method teacher Ning shares is how to strengthen legs and kidney Qi. The essence Qi between kidneys are nourished through circular movements of the hands, gathering Qi inside. The second method is called ‘Tiger Steps’, increasing flow in kidneys, strengthening the physical body. The third method is to nourish the connection between lungs and kidneys.

Qigong teacher Ning

Weekly Online Qigong with teacher Ning ~ practical information

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These weekly lessons are every Sunday from 15.30 – 16.45 hours CET (Central European/Berlin/Amsterdam time) until the end of August 2020.

From September on we will make new plans and these online teachings then continue on an irregular basis.

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