Strengthen your self healing abilities

Within our body, the organ’s Qi is the most specified form of Qi. By working with this level of Qi (energy) we not only improve the Qi flow within and in between the inner organs. It has a positive impact on our whole body’s functioning as well as our state of mind. This form of Qigong is closely related to the philosophy, theory and practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Teacher Ning is specialized in this form of Qigong and will share his wide knowledge and experience in this series of ten online lessons. In all lessons we will do a practice to improve the Qi flow in between the organs. Next to that we will work with healing sounds and movements for a specific organ. This is beneficial for everybody; it can help overcome or improve some conditions and can be used to maintain your good health.

For those who have already been practicing with teacher Ning, it is good to know that these lessons for sure will bring new information and practice material. Teacher Ning has worked on changing the healing sounds system to a more simple form and the first few people who have experienced it are very enthusiastic.

Extra benefit (optional): at the beginning of the series, you can inform us on what kind of conditions or health challenges you experience. We will collect these so that teacher Ning can refer to it during the lessons and thereby you know what is the best way to help yourself.

An overview of the subjects of these lessons and their basic benefits:

Note the benefits are not only the ones described below. There are a lot more unusual benefits,for example the practice for lungs can be beneficial for the heart and is also good for the liver.

~ and everybody can have a different benefit from the same exercise ~

Lesson 1: 12 September – Practice triple warmer

  • Is beneficial for ‘right kidney’. Triple warmer energy easily flows in the wrong direction. When it flows correctly, it can bring energy to right kidney. In Chinese medicine,, triple warmer is pointed to right kidney. The left kidney is called kidney, right kidney is called triple warmer. It has the function to transfer the fat of the physical body to be Qi
  • Is good for people who feel a lack of energy, especially when people get older they need this method,
  • Balances emotions so that you experience more patience in situations that before raised a lot of impatience.

Lesson 2: 19 September – Practice pericardium organ

  • Is good for Heart, some heart conditions are caused by pericardium energy anti -flow, for example: palpitations
  • Is good for gallbladder, because it provides energy to gallbladder. People with gallbladder problems can benefit from this lesson.
  • Balances emotions; it becomes easier to be more happy.

Lesson 3: 26 September – Practice gallbladder

  • Is beneficial for gallbladder issues, for example: gallbladder stones and gallbladder inflammation.
  • Helps to digest foods well.
  • Is good to regain more blood, it can balance the whole body’s Qi and blood. Gallbladder meridians cross the sides of the body, including the ribs. Ribs ( the bones )have the function for hematopoiesis. In fact, many people are lacking of blood. This is a very important concept in medical qigong. If a person’s physical body lacks blood, he or she will be weak
  • Balances emotions: when dealing with something, it becomes easier to make a decision.

Lesson 4: 3 October – Practice lungs /large intestine

  • Is beneficial for bringing the energy flow down along the right side of the body. Lungs are the key organs for this energy transformation.
  • Is good for conditions like high blood pressure, any lungs conditions, skin issues, nose issues, when you have an allergy to flowers, large intestine problems like Crohn’s disease.
  • Balances emotions: can balance some emotion like being irritable. Less juggle ourselves and the others and generates more compassion.

Lesson 5: 10 October – Practice kidney /bladder

  • Strengthens the function of kidneys and bladder. Good for some conditions like kidney stones and bladder infections.
  • Is good for the bones of the whole body, especially good for strengthening the legs.
  • Is beneficial for ears issues and improves your hearing.
  • Is good for the teeth.
  • Balances emotions: is beneficial to become less annoyed by the others and increase wisdom.

Lesson 6: 17 October – Practice for liver /spleen (left liver)

  • Is beneficial for all liver conditions.
  • Good for eyes.
  • Improves the function of immune system.
  • Balancing emotions, especially the emotion of anger.

Lesson 7: 24 October – Practice for uterus / oviduct / ovaries / prostate

  • Is beneficial for reproductive system.
  • Stay younger.
  • Balances the hormone system of the body.

Lesson 8: 31 October – Practice for heart / small intestine

  • Is beneficial for all heart conditions and small intestine issues.
  • Is good for the memory as well as understanding things around you in daily life,
  • Balances emotions: can calm down ourselves and bring us into peaceful state.

Lesson 9: 14 November – Practice for pancreas

  • Improves the function of pancreas and helps pancreas to produce insulin.
  • Is beneficial for good sleep.
  • Balances emotions: is good for building your trust in the universe and life itself and thereby get more deeper relaxation.

Lesson 10: 21 November – Practice for stomach

  • Is beneficial for stomach, can overcome all the issues of stomach.
  • Is good for female’s breast, for example breast cancer .
  • Can help avoid having brain issues, like cerebral infarction and a stroke.

These webinars are suitable for everyone, regardless of your level of health or the degree to which you already practice qigong.

About Teacher Ning

Teacher Ning was born in inner Mongolia in China. He studied with Dr. Pang and graduated at the famous hospital of Huaxia Center. In 1997 he left with a few others after receiving blessings from Dr. Pang. He continued his practice and provided for healings to many. From several masters he was taught different methods. He nowadays lives with his family in Hainan. His daughter is studying Traditional Chinese Medicine at a university in Beijing. For years now he travels to Western countries as well, such as United States of America, Serbia, Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland.

Methods: His teaching methods are taught in a gentle, humble fashion. From Pang Laoshi he adopts the Qi field series to build up the Qigong state. He always asks: what is Qigong for you? In this way his students are aware of the intention of practice. From a traditional point of view, the meridian system, channels, vessels, extraordinary meridians and the organs are one complete health system. Qi practice is considered the quintessence of TCM. Four basic elements are part of the methods teacher Ning teaches. One is sound, second is movement, three is awareness, and four is posture. Though there is not really negative or positive since all is illusory, the movements in circles are either releasing too much Qi by turning clockwise, or gathering Qi by circling in, counter clockwise.

Range: The basic knowledge of TCM teaches us that 5 organs (Spleen, Kidneys, Heart, Liver and Lungs) form the basis for health. Any disturbance within and between organs will be balanced again because organs will help and compensate foreach other’s instability. From TCM we know that 5 elements, 5 emotions and 5 organs reflect life between heaven and earth. The intelligence and magnificence of this health system has been described over 3,000 years ago for the first time: Nei Jing, a book written by Qi Bo, an assignment from The Yellow Emperor, Huang Di. The book, when it was written is not entirely sure but still is the classic for TCM students nowadays. Qigong is the heart of many self help practice that arose in the heart of China. Over the last 50 years the revival of Qigong, and the opening of teachings to wider public has unveiled many ‘secrets’ of health in China.


  • For everyone who is willing to work on his or her health, both for maintaining and restoring health.
  • For anyone who is interested in developing more stability in daily life.
  • For anyone who wants to change limiting beliefs and emotional patterns that prevent him/her from functioning freely.
  • For therapists, trainers and coaches to better guide their clients with the knowledge gained during this training.
  • Both for beginners and for advanced (Zhineng) Qigong practitioners.

Strengthen your self healing abilities – practical info

This is a series of 10 webinars on Sundays in September, October and November 2021

Time: Sundays 15.30 – 16.45h CET


12 September 2021 (1)
19 September (2)
26 September (3)
3 October (4)
10 October (5)
17 October (6)
24 October (7)
31 October (8)
14 November (9)
21 November (10)

(please note; there’s no lesson on 7 November)

Costs: 140 euros

Each webinar will be recorded and directly sent to you so you can watch it as often as you like. The recording is downloadable.