Medical Qigong to strengthen your Health

New Year’s webinar on 3 January 2021: How to transform the conditioned nature for smooth life

In long-ago times a Chinese doctor was not paid for curing the sick, but for keeping the family healthy. These Chinese doctors knew not only of the physical, but also of the energies flowing in the body and the effect of emotions and feelings on it – the mind-body mechanism.

Luckily enough this knowledge of preventive self health care has been well kept secret and is still very much alive. Now that we are confronted with viruses to which the official health care system doesn’t have a clear answer, it is a much needed knowledge and skill. As teacher Ning told us:

“When in 2003 we had SARS in China and many people became ill of it or even died, none of my Qigong friends got ill. Please do your qigong practice and know that you are safe.”

According to TCM this is not only about your physical energy, it’s just as much about our feelings and emotions. We are happy to invite you for this webinar:

New Year’s webinar: How to transform the conditioned nature and let the five main organ’s energy flow freely and create a smooth and happy life.

In this Webinar we prepare the energy for the coming year and teacher Ning provides a clear explanation of how we can further develop our heart qualities and what prevents us from transforming them. This lesson is about transforming the root of negative emotions – the “conditioned nature” – and allowing the energy to flow freely in the five main organs. This will ensure that you are (even) more relaxed in life and bring harmony to the world around you. It will be a teaching about deep healing for your emotions.

These webinars are suitable for everyone, regardless of your level of health or the degree to which you already practice qigong.

About Teacher Ning

Teacher Ning was born in inner Mongolia in China. He studied with Dr. Pang and graduated at the famous hospital of Huaxia Center. In 1997 He left with a few others after receiving blessings from Dr. Pang. He continued his practice and provided for healings to many. From several masters he was taught different methods. He connects to Teacher Jianshe in Hainan, where he is now living with his wife. Their daughter is now studying Traditional Chinese Medicine at a university in Beijing. For years now he travels to Western countries as well, such as United States of America, Serbia, Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland.

Methods: His teaching methods are taught in a gentle, humble fashion. From Pang Laoshi he adopts the Qi field series to build up the Qigong state. He always asks: what is Qigong for you? In this way his students are aware of the intention of practice. From a traditional point of view, the meridian system, channels, vessels, extraordinary meridians and the organs are one complete health system. Qi practice is considered the quintessence of TCM. Four basic elements are part of the methods teacher Ning teaches. One is sound, second is movement, three is awareness, and four is posture. Though there is not really negative or positive since all is illusory, the movements in circles are either releasing too much Qi by turning clockwise, or gathering Qi by circling in, counter clockwise.

Range: The basic knowledge of TCM teaches us that 5 organs (Spleen, Kidneys, Heart, Liver and Lungs) form the basis for health. Any disturbance within and between organs will be balanced again because organs will help and compensate foreach other’s instability. From TCM we know that 5 elements, 5 emotions and 5 organs reflect life between heaven and earth. The intelligence and magnificence of this health system has been described over 3,000 years ago for the first time: Nei Jing, a book written by Qi Bo, an assignment from The Yellow Emperor, Huang Di. The book, when it was written is not entirely sure but still is the classic for TCM students nowadays. Qigong is the heart of many self help practice that arose in the heart of China. Over the last 50 years the revival of Qigong, and the opening of teachings to wider public has unveiled many ‘secrets’ of health in China.

Physical Body: Any good method of practice should be repeated many times, not hard to learn and accessible for many people regardless their state of health. Intuitively understood, the physical body’s 5 major joints, the 3 cavities and the limbs are representation of the universe. If we look at a table the top seems to be floating, like our head, the supportive structure, the legs of the table are constructed in such a way that there is a balance, making the entire structure strong. The same way we can think of the body our head is in blue sky, our body is our supporting structure. Clearness and physical balance are our health.


  • For everyone who is willing to work on his or her health, both for maintaining and restoring health.
  • For anyone who is interested in developing more stability in daily life.
  • For anyone who wants to change limiting beliefs and emotional patterns that prevent him/her from functioning freely.
  • For therapists, trainers and coaches to better guide their clients with the knowledge gained during this training.
  • Both for beginners and for advanced (Zhineng) Qigong practitioners.
Qigong teacher Ning

Medical Qigong webinar

New Year’s Session: Transform the five main organs Qi and nature for a smooth and happy life
Sunday January 3, 2021
Time: 13.30 – 15.45 h CET

The webinar will be recorded and sent to you so you can watch it as often as you like.

We wish a smooth and happy life for everyone in 2021 and therefore offer this webinar with a reduced price of 25 euros.