Self-Healing Qigong easy and effective

Within our body, the organ’s Qi is the most specified form of Qi. By working with this level of Qi (energy) we not only improve the Qi flow within and in between the inner organs. It has a positive impact on our whole body’s functioning as well as our state of mind. This form of Qigong is closely related to the philosophy, theory and practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

In these two lessons teacher Ning will share with us two easy methods that – if we apply them – can improve our energy and health levels.

1: Massage navel

This method can be carried out by everyone, disregarding your energy or health levels. You can do it sitting or even lying down. It will benefit your lungs, heart, stomach, pancreas and intestines. Just do it for 30 minutes a day and you will experience great benefits. In traditional qigong branches one started with this exercise to strengthen the inner Qi and only when this inner Qi was full enough, one progressed to other methods.

2: Improve stomach and pancreas

Our stomach and pancreas play a key role in the distribution and flow of Qi in between all organs and to our whole body. When stomach and pancreas hamper, they will cause trouble. The good thing is that when we improve the qi flow in stomach and pancreas, our whole body will benefit! When you can keep stomach and pancreas healthy, your whole body will be healthy 🙂

These webinars are suitable for everyone, regardless of your level of health or the degree to which you already practice qigong.

About Teacher Ning

Teacher Ning was born in inner Mongolia in China. He studied with Dr. Pang and graduated at the famous hospital of Huaxia Center. In 1997 he left with a few others after receiving blessings from Dr. Pang. He continued his practice and provided for healings to many. From several masters he was taught different methods. He nowadays lives with his family in Hainan. His daughter is studying Traditional Chinese Medicine at a university in Beijing. For years now he travels to Western countries as well, such as United States of America, Serbia, Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland.

Methods: His teaching methods are taught in a gentle, humble fashion. From Pang Laoshi he adopts the Qi field series to build up the Qigong state. He always asks: what is Qigong for you? In this way his students are aware of the intention of practice. From a traditional point of view, the meridian system, channels, vessels, extraordinary meridians and the organs are one complete health system. Qi practice is considered the quintessence of TCM. Four basic elements are part of the methods teacher Ning teaches. One is sound, second is movement, three is awareness, and four is posture. Though there is not really negative or positive since all is illusory, the movements in circles are either releasing too much Qi by turning clockwise, or gathering Qi by circling in, counter clockwise.

Range: The basic knowledge of TCM teaches us that 5 organs (Spleen, Kidneys, Heart, Liver and Lungs) form the basis for health. Any disturbance within and between organs will be balanced again because organs will help and compensate foreach other’s instability. From TCM we know that 5 elements, 5 emotions and 5 organs reflect life between heaven and earth. The intelligence and magnificence of this health system has been described over 3,000 years ago for the first time: Nei Jing, a book written by Qi Bo, an assignment from The Yellow Emperor, Huang Di. The book, when it was written is not entirely sure but still is the classic for TCM students nowadays. Qigong is the heart of many self help practice that arose in the heart of China. Over the last 50 years the revival of Qigong, and the opening of teachings to wider public has unveiled many ‘secrets’ of health in China.


  • For everyone who is willing to work on his or her health, both for maintaining and restoring health.
  • For anyone who is interested in developing more stability in daily life.
  • For anyone who wants to change limiting beliefs and emotional patterns that prevent him/her from functioning freely.
  • For therapists, trainers and coaches to better guide their clients with the knowledge gained during this training.
  • Both for beginners and for advanced (Zhineng) Qigong practitioners.

Self-Healing Qigong easy and effective – practical info

These two lessons are online lessons with live sessions through Zoom on Sundays. You will receive both recordings afterwards. 


Sunday 26 June and 3 July 2022

Time: 15.00h – 16.15h CET


25 euros